My Courses

This page contains a selection of my video courses. Most of them cover different aspects of Angular development, but some might also be related to web development in general.

Paid Courses

Below you can find my paid courses on Angular development published through the popular Udemy platform.

Angular Firebase Authentication: Create Full Sign Up App

Use Angular 16, Angular Material and Firebase Authentication, Firestore and Storage to create a complete Sign Up App!


YouTube Courses and Tutorials

Below you'll find some of the prominent courses/tutorials on my YouTube channel. They're mostly of a short nature - covering specific apps that we intend to build at the start of the video and end up completing them at the end.

Each of the tutorials below is a YouTube playlist - so feel free to click on the button below to watch the playlist on YouTube.

Angular Signals v16

Learn all about the new Angular Signals API including how to create a CRUD app, refactor from RxJS based code and more!

Getting started with Firebase and Angular in 5 short videos!

Get started with Firebase in Angular - learn how to add Firebase Authentication to create a sign up flow, upload image to firebase storage and save data in Firestore NoSQL database!

State Management with Ngrx Component Store

Let's go through an example CRUD app and see how we can add state management using Ngrx Component Store!

Angular Chat App with Firebase Firestore and Material

In this series of videos, we'll build up a real world chat app with Angular and Firebase Firestore database.

Journey Planner App with Google Maps APIs

In this series of videos, we'll build up a journey planner app with Google Maps APIs such as the Directions Service!