About Me


I’m Zoaib. I am a Front-end Engineer and Angular Consultant based in Karachi, the busy port city of Pakistan.

I have about 8+ years of software engineering experience coupled with a Bachelors and Masters degree in Computing (from Imperial College London).

I spend most of my time on front-end development work, both UI/UX design and development, since this is where I shine. Not to mention I enjoy it thoroughly!

Some feedback on my recent projects

Beyond impressed with Zoaib. He was tremendous to work with…quick to make edits I requested, responsive and courteous, was knowledgeable on subject matter respectfully offering his opinion on how to handle various challenges we faced.

Great attitude.

I highly appreciated his grasp of English, too…there were no instances in which there was a communication problem…many times someone in a non-English native country might understand ‘book’ English/words but miss subtleties/context/colloquialisms–working with Zoaib was EASIER than your typical US-based IT person in this regard.

Mathew Stigmeier

Zoaib’s work is always careful and thoughtful, and he was able to quickly understand and balance the complexities of an AI-based system, making important architectural decisions and providing valuable recommendations when needed.

He has skillfully implemented the front-end of our web application based on a specified design, matching it without too much back-and-forth, which is really appreciated… he has a very good “eye” for the visual side as well as the user experience/interaction.

– James Mazzu (Digie)

Zoaib has done a fantastic job in every phase of this project.

He was able to take our cluttered user interface and overhaul it, making it cleaner and more intuitive for our users.

He did this while maintaining full functionality across the entire spectrum of device types and breakpoints. He also did a lot of great work on our Angular services and components. His Javascript, Angular and UI/UX skills are top-notch.


Check out my short portfolio here. Also my Upwork profile for my past work!


  • Masters in Computing (MSc) from Imperial College London – 2011
  • Bachelor in Computer Science (BSCS) from FAST-NUCES Karachi.
    Gold Medalist for batch 2006.


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