Fastest way to make a responsive card grid with CSS

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A few months ago I wrote about how to set up a responsive card grid using the Angular Flex Layout library. It proved quite useful to a lot of people, with more than 6000 views till now!

I remember I mentioned in that post that you could use CSS for the same type of grid. I had media queries in mind, which is the standard way of responsive web design using CSS.

However, shortly after, I came across a pretty nifty trick using CSS grid which effectively makes a responsive card grid much faster and quicker! And without any media queries.

So here's a code snippet for you guys.

.grid {
  display: grid;
  grid-template-columns: repeat(auto-fill, minmax(200px, 1fr));
  gap: 1rem;

That's it!

Three lines of CSS code. And whatever comes nested in this style, will be arranged in a responsive grid. It can be a card, graphics, text boxes, anything.

How it works

The display property simply converts the layout to use CSS grid.

grid-template-columns is used to specify the number of columns and their widths for your grid. However, here we're using some clever syntax to make it dynamic.

We're using repeat with auto-fill, which means the number of columns will be as needed. What will it depend on? Not one value, but a range using minmax function.

What this means is that the minimum the card width can be squeezed is up to 200px (you can modify as you wish). When you resize the screen/browser, as soon as the cards squeeze to 200px, it will move one card to the next row and reduce the columns. In that case, the maximum value of 1fr will come into effect and equally distribute the widths.

Almost works like magic!

Here's a working code example with Bulma CSS cards on stackblitz.

Since I've learnt about this, I tend to lean towards this way of setting up a responsive card grid, esp when I need it be quick!

Hope this little CSS tip helps you out in your own projects!

Bye :)


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