I’ve worked on all sorts of web and mobile projects in the past 8+ years as a developer and lead. My recent focus has been mostly on front end development, especially using the Angular framework. Some examples are provided below.

DigieTravel Marketplace

The client wanted to build the front-end for their travel marketplace product on the Angular framework. It was a complex feature-rich app with the following requirements:

  1. Five different user roles including traveler, planner, admin with custom layouts and screens for each with different permissions/authentication
  2. Dynamic forms with some complex requirements such as conditionally dependent fields (i.e. some fields to only appear when a specific value is selected). Also, specs for the forms were to be fetched from API calls (fully dynamic).
  3. Visually appealing UI/UX for the app involving complex layouts and to be also responsive for all screen sizes.
  4. Advanced features such as image upload using Firebase storage, Stripe payment integration including setting up to receive the payment with express accounts and Server Side Rendering (SSR) for SEO optimization.

Zoaib’s work is always careful and thoughtful, and he was able to quickly understand and balance the complexities of an AI-based system, making important architectural decisions and providing valuable recommendations when needed.

He has skillfully implemented the front-end of our web application based on a specified design, matching it without too much back-and-forth, which is really appreciated… he has a very good “eye” for the visual side as well as the user experience/interaction.

JAMES MAzzu, digie inc

Real Estate Investing App

This client is an owner of a startup in the real estate investing space. I have worked on the front-end part of their product and provided design and development assistance for their new features.

One of the snaps shows a list view which was initially a very basic angular material list and which I helped overhaul into a list with rich info given the needs of the product.

At a later stage, we also added a card view option since with so much of information, it only made sense to utilize that UI design to better represent the list of real estate properties.

We’re still working on the product and its upcoming features. This is only a sneak peak of the work we’ve done till now.

Zoaib has done a fantastic job in every phase of this project. He was able to take our cluttered user interface and overhaul it, making it cleaner and more intuitive for our users.

He did this while maintaining full functionality across the entire spectrum of device types and breakpoints. He also did a lot of great work on our Angular services and components.

His Javascript, Angular and UI/UX skills are top-notch. I will absolutely work with him again!


Load Board for Shippers

My client wanted a load board web app – connecting shippers and carriers so that they could find and add loads, trucks and better manage the whole process.

For this purpose, I developed three Angular apps – one each for shippers, carriers and administration using monorepo using the NRWL framework. The client provided a theme that was to be used and I made sure to use UI elements present in the template, so that the UI look and feel remains consistent.

This included popups, modal dialogs, menu items and notifications etc. We used Algolia places auto complete for location search and input. The backend was on Firestore DB and authentication used Firebase as well.

Other features part of the app:

  1. Registration and login
  2. Support for Multiple languages
  3. Screens were responsive in case of mobile screens
  4. Favorite carriers can be maintained by the shippers

It was a good experience working with Zoaib. He writes clean code. He has good knowledge of Angular and he gets the work done.

PAtrick finken, cargolift

I’ll be adding more projects as I get time. For more information about the work that I’ve done (and for any query related to my services), please visit my Upwork profile – which contains more information about each of the projects I’ve completed through their platform.